Congrats to Prof and MS students on publication!

A paper by Dr. Tashakkori and two of our recent graduate students, Gurney Buchanan and Luke Craig was just accepted for publication by the IEEE SoutheastCon 2020.
The title of this paper is Analyses of Audio and Video Recordings for Detecting a Honey Bee Hive Robbery.  

 Honey bee hive robbery is a common phenomenon that occurs during a period when nectar sources are scarce. In such a case, the hives that are not strong enough to defend themselves and have stored resources such as honey or nectar may be robbed by bees from the nearby hives. Beekeepers often try different approaches to prevent or stop a robbery or take some measures to keep the robbed hive alive, but most of these efforts fail and the targeted hive will eventually collapse. This paper presents the results from analyses of video and audio recordings obtained at a hive before and after a robbery. The targeted hive was a top-bar hive and was robbed by the bees from its neighboring hives. Our analyses indicate that there are sufficient clues on development of a robbery that will be helpful in preventing it. 

Gurney Buchanan now works at of gurney buchanan  Luke Craig now works at Moog of luke craig

Published: Jan 29, 2020 9:18am