Student Opportunities

What Careers Are There?

The computing field is red hot!  Opportunity is knocking!  Paraphrasing the title lyric of the one-hit wonder from Timbuk 3: "Your computing future is so bright, you gotta wear shades!"

Here are some external (non-Appstate) resources about computing careers:

Student Clubs

Introduction to Student Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for our students to get practical, applied experiences using the knowledge they are learning in their classes.

  • The department does not place students into these experiences but we do pass on notices of these opportunities (usually via the "csugrad" and "csgrad" email lists) for students to pursue. 
  • Dr. Tashakkori maintains a healthy list of various opportunities including internships, work co-ops, and REUs (research experiences for undergraduates).  Click here for this list.
  • Dr. Tashakkori is director of the department's internship program.  Contact him to learn about how to have your experience count for course credit. But you must make these arrangements prior to the work.