CS internship provides students a real-life experience at the partner colleges or industries. Students will gain relevant skills to their career goals and academic objectives and will demonstrate their learning to their peers upon completion of the internship. Three credit hours are awarded for the course, which entails 120 contact hours spent on the internship work. Full-time junior and senior students are eligible.

To earn three academic credits, you need to have:

  1. Paid/Unpaid Internship Offer with at least 120 contact hours work
  2. Obtaining an agreement with the internship supervisor
  3. Completing the Internship Form online (see the Internship coordinator)
  4. A statement on how you will demonstrate your learning after completion of the internship


Involve Your Academic Department Early!
Include your academic advisor/departmental internship coordinator early in your thoughts on an internship. They can help you determine whether the internship is substantial enough to earn credit.

Should I Do An Internship For Credit?
Consult with your academic advisor if you are interested in doing an internship to see how an internship can fit into your course of study.

How Do I Earn Academic Credit For My Internship?
The department has the authority to approve or disapprove your internship for credit. Remember to involve your academic advisor/internship coordinator in the selection of your internship options. Plan ahead so you have plenty of time to complete the necessary paperwork.

What Do I Need To Do?
You will receive instructions from the department Internship Coordinator (Dr. Fenwick) on how approval process for your internship.

May I Decide Later If I Want To Earn Credit?
No. Internship credit cannot be granted retroactively. Do not commit to an experience and work part or all of your assignment and try afterwards to get academic credit for the experiences.

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