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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Computer Science at Appalachian State University is to foster an inclusive learning community where students and faculty demonstrate excellent character, professional competence, effective communication, and productive collaborations, making them valuable contributors to their wider communities: personal, professional, local, and global.

  • Excellent character includes integrity, personal responsibility, perseverance, initiative, humility, and enthusiasm.

  • Professional competence means the ability to apply the theory, principles, knowledge and skills of Computer Science to computing problems across different fields, in a manner consistent with professional standards.

  • Effective communication entails the ability to convey ideas clearly, concisely, and completely in both speech and writing, appropriate to the audience or receiver of that communication.

  • Productive collaboration describes the ability to work effectively with others toward a common goal, with the ability to act as a leader or contributor as appropriate.

-- Approved by the CS department November, 2019. 

Diversity Statement

In 2019, 13% of declared Computer Science majors at Appalachian State University were female, and 16.6% were underrepresented minorities. This is a concern; and, the Department of Computer Science is working to make CS more inclusive for everyone. We welcome all students, regardless of background, to explore and create technology and the theories that underlie it. Indeed, as CS becomes a more integral component of many career paths and a facet of everyday life, it is important that every student have the opportunity to develop CS skills. 

We recognize that a diverse CS community can yield a broad set of creative ideas and innovative solutions. As such, we strive to provide a supportive and inclusive community in which every member feels their ideas are valued and respected. Our 16 member department exhibits an improving diversity, including 4 female and 5 international faculty. We have a thriving Women in CS student club, and we have received national funding for outreach and scholarships to broaden the inclusiveness of our discipline.

-- Approved by the CS department May, 2020.