Department Facilities

The Department's computing laboratories currently house the following resources:

  • A Dell PowerEdge 2850 server with four dual-core 3.1 GHz processors, 12GB of error correcting RAM, and more than 200 GB of disk space. Most student classwork is run on this system.
  • A Dell PowerEdge 2600 server with four 2.8 GHz processors and 6GB of error correcting RAM, and more than 300 GB of disk space. Most faculty research is run on this system.
  • A virualization server with four dual-core 1.8 GHz processors and 48 GB of error correcting RAM, and 650 GB of disk space.
  • A lab with 24 PCs configured to run Matlab or an X-Server
  • (This lab also has an "instructor's machine" with projection capabilities).
  • A teaching (closed) lab with 29 PCs
  • (This lab also has an "instructor's machine" with projection capabilities).
  • Specialized labs for real-time systems and for operating systems.
  • A research high performance "grid computer" composed of 8 Precision 360 workstations each with a 2.8 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM.

Available University Facilities

The central computing system is a cluster of AXP-based servers. Every enrolled student receives an account on this system. In addition, the university provides a number of public computer laboratories (PC and Macintosh) with connections to campus networks and the Internet.

Every student has University-supplied email access through a web-interface called AppalNET. The AppalNET interface provides access to a lot of other information, including some official notices that are not sent by either hard-copy or email -- students are encouraged to check this "portal" regularly and warned that they might miss important information if they fail to do so. The user identification for AppalNET is the same as for the AXP-based servers.

Several buildings on campus have open ("public") labs. Most of these labs have PCs, although a few have Macs. Computers in these labs connect to Novell servers.

The open ("public") lab in CAP (where the CS Department has its offices) currently has 23 PCs, 4 X-terminals, and 2 Macs.

Many of the Departmental and Public labs on campus offer printing through the Pharos system which provides printing on a pay per page basis. Currently the charge for black and white printing is $0.03 per page.