Congratulations to the new CS graduates!

Congratulations to the following students for obtaining their graduate/undergraduate degree on Saturday, May 13:

Zachary Andrews (graduate)
Zachary Alexander (undergraduate)
Stephen Bunn (graduate)
Mikeal Anderson (undergraduate)
Michael Crawford (graduate)
Richard Batsuli (undergraduate)
Stephen Dacchille (graduate)
Philip Bennett (undergraduate)
Nathaniel Hernandez (graduate)
Nicholas Bonilla (undergraduate)
Matthew Joyce (graduate)
Eric Cambel (undergraduate)
Joseph O'Neill (graduate)
Christopher Campell (undergraduate)
Nicholas Phillips (graduate)
Brycon Carpenter (undergraduate)
Scott Shuffler (graduate)
Arthur Chaffee Jr. (undergraduate)
Devin Sink (graduate)
Adam Coffee (undergraduate)
Chris Smith (graduate)
Robert Compton (undergraduate)
Michael Yang (graduate)
Dagan Danevic (undergraduate)
Michael Zanga (graduate)
Francisco Fantl (undergraduate)
Tamarcus Garcia (undergraduate)
Aron Gore Jr. (undergraduate)
Mitchell Guigou Jr. (undergraduate)
Chad Halvorsen (undergraduate)
Jonathan Hebert (undergraduate)
Fred Hickam Jr. (undergraduate)
Amanda Jackson (undergraduate)
Mitchell Jelley (undergraduate)
Max Kiluk (undergraduate)
Martin Liriano (undergraduate)
Stephen Lobsinger (undergraduate)
Jonathan Longworth (undergraduate)
Jubal Martin (undergraduate)
Dylan Mclarty (undergraduate)
Daniel Nance (undergraduate)
Eduardo Padilla (undergraduate)
Charles Peterson (undergraduate)
Sunnara Prasavath (undergraduate)
Timothy Ransom (undergraduate)
Jacob Richard (undergraduate)
Trevor Riddle (undergraduate)
Alec Rieger (undergraduate)
Christie Roth (undergraduate)
Walter Scarboro (undergraduate)
Jenna Schachner (undergraduate)
Matthew Spencer (undergraduate)
Perry Stillman (undergraduate)
Brandon Swaim (undergraduate)
Jesse Sykes (undergraduate)
Brian Waldron (undergraduate)
Zachary Walton (undergraduate)
Carter Wise (undergraduate)
Cameron Wood (undergraduate)
Andrew Zuehlke (undergraduate)

Published: May 23, 2017 9:20am