IEEE Jobs report - We have you covered!

Here's a link to the 11 Feb 2020 IEEE Spectrum article summaring a report from the job site Hired showing what areas of Computer Science are trending the past two years. 

And, we are already on it! To toot our own horn, just a little (!):

  • We have an entire Data Science Certificate program with Machine Learning as the pinnacle course.
  • We offer two security courses with a new one coming this summer.
  • We have a gaming student club.
  • We offer front- and back-end courses, and have run a full-stack special topics course.
  • We offer embedded, mobile, and image processing (computer vision)  courses.
  • And we have students doing theses and capstone projects on Blockchain and AR/VR.
Published: Feb 24, 2020 11:03am