Mountaineers Coding team places 22nd in ACM regional programming contest!

Congratulations! Daniel Jeffries, William Sease, and Matthew Swanson represented AppState in the International Collegiate Programming Contest Mid-Atlantic Regional held on Saturday November 9, 2019. This is a grueling 5 hour effort (using only ONE computer terminal) to solve as many problems as you can as fast as you can. Read all about the rules, format, previous problems here. And see the final regional standings here.

ACM ICPC 2019 team and coaches

In addition to being in 22nd overall place, the "Mountaineers Coding" team placed 4th at the Duke University site (the region has 8 simultaneous sites), outdueling face-to-face teams from Duke, NC State, UNC Charlotte, Fayetteville State, Winston-Salem State, and High Point. And in a true, competitive spirit submitted their final solution (untested even!) with only 30 seconds to spare. And it worked!! Now that's a last second "Hail Mary pass" that even our football team can appreciate!

Many thanks to coaches Dr. Raghuveer Mohan and Prof. Chad Waters. They helped with many training sessions in the weeks and months before the contest date, and also with the logistics and transportation of traveling across the state.

How can YOU get involved? Contact Dr. Mohan or Prof. Waters. We are always looking for the best and brightest!

Here's the Facebook post with real time comments!

Published: Nov 13, 2019 11:39am