Student Presentations at NCUR 2017

Over the weekend, a group of students traveled to the University of Memphis to give presentations at NCUR. The students and their presentation titles are listed below:

  • Applications of Predictive Modeling on the Appalachian Trail
    • Author(s): Christopher Campell
    • Mentor(s): Dr. Parry
  • Modeling Ebook Sales Rank in the Amazon Marketplace: A Machine Learning Approach
    • Author(s): Kevin Alvarez
    • Mentor(s): Dr. Parry
  • Database Labs for Web Based Learning
    • Author(s): Evangeline Luciano & Scott Shuffler
    • Mentor(s): Dr. Tashakkori
  • Estimating Beehive Activities Using Image Processing
    • Author(s): Jonathan Brotherton
    • Mentor(s): Dr. Tashakkori
  • Predictive Seasonal Film Analysis of Honeybee Colonies
    • Author(s): LaTaunya Tillman
    • Mentor(s): Dr. Tashakkori & Dr. Geib
  • Determining the Net Traffic at the Entrance of the Honeybee Hive
    • Author(s): Gurney Buchanan & Scott Shuffler
    • Mentor(s): Dr. Parry & Dr. Tashakkori
  • Bee Audio Frequency Analysis
    • Author(s): Preston Wilson & Chris Smith
    • Mentor(s): Dr. Parry & Dr. Tashakkori
  • Programming Modern Design
    • Author(s): Alisha Sprinkle
    • Mentor(s): Mr. Elaver

group photo of students and faculty attending NCUR 2017

Published: Apr 10, 2017 10:39am