Students & Faculty collaborate on paper publication!

Congratulations to undergraduate students Tyler Tripp and Ben Underwood!

(Oh, and their co-authors Drs. Hamza and Tashakkori !!-)

Their paper entitled, "Low-Cost UFSOOK-Based Optical Camera Communication Link for IoT Applications," was just accepted by the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2020 to be held in New Orleans on April 5-9, 2020. In this paper, the authors present a low-cost Optical Camera Communication (OCC) in which a camera is used as a receiver to detect the modulated light from a transmitting LED. The proposed link can be used in energy-constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The LED-to-Camera link transmits continuously sensed temperature and humidity data using the MQTT protocol to be posted on an online dashboard. The performance of the link was comparable to its WiFi counterpart over five days of deployment inside a lab.  


From left-to-right: Tyler Tripp, Prof. Abdelbaset Hamza, Ben Underwood, Prof. Rahman Tashakkori

Link to Facebook post.

Published: Feb 3, 2020 9:20am