Congratulations to the ten students from the ASU CS Department who presented at SNCURCS 2017 at Campbell University on November 4th.

Gurney BuchananComparing Efficacy Entrance Configurations in Determining the Net Traffic at the Entrance of a Honey Bee Hive

Preston Wilson, Luke Craig: Predicting Honey Bee Behavior through Audio and Frequency Analysis

Grayson FenwickCreation of Automatic Control Simulations for Student Testing

Jonathon Brotherton, Aaron ParkerSegmenting Honey Bees from Video Frames Using Image Processing

Brian Smith: Migrating Kinect APIs in Spellotron and Mathotron

David Sawyer, Kevin AlvarezAnalysis of Programming Assignment Submissions through Genome Sequencing Algorithms

Patrick BeekmanUsing HTC Vive to Create Virtual Reality Experiments in Physics

Sarah Mbiki Comparing Machine Learning Algorithms for Real-time Continuous Image Processing of Live Cell Cultures