The Department of Computer Science maintains an honors track to provide highly-motivated and academically outstanding students the opportunity to study with like-minded peers and to conduct independent research that results in a senior honors thesis/project.

How To Apply

Students may apply for admission to the departmental honors track by submitting an application to the chair of the departmental honors committee, currently Dr. Alice McRae. Admission decisions are made by the honors committee.

Click here for printable application (PDF, 76 KB).


To graduate with Honors in Computer Science, students must:

  • complete nine (9) hours of honors coursework in computer science at the 2000 level or higher including CS 4510, Senior Honors Thesis,
  • earn a grade of "B" or higher in every departmental honors course used to satisfy the above requirement, and
  • achieve a GPA of 3.45 in the computer science major at graduation.

Honors Courses

CS 3515. Junior Honors Seminar (3). F. Selected topics in computer science. Enrollment by permission of the departmental honors committee. May be repeated for credit when content is not duplicated. Prerequisites change with topic but always include C S 2450 and C S 2490.

CS 4510. Senior Honors Thesis (3). F; S. GEN ED: Capstone Experience
Independent study and research. Thesis must be directed by a member of the Department of Computer Science and presented both orally and in writing to the department. Enrollment by permission of the departmental honors committee. Course grade determined by the thesis advisor and the departmental honors committee. Prerequisite: Completion of 6 hours of departmental honors courses at the 2000 level or higher with a grade of "B" or better in each.

Forms for Honors Students

Information for Thesis Preparation