Accelerated Master's Program

Accelerated Master's Program

Details of the program can be found on this page on the Graduate School website.

Eligible undergraduate seniors may take up to 12 hours of graduate courses that can double count for their B.S. degree and for an M.S. degree in our program!! With 12 hours already completed, students can finish in as little as one additional year.

Application information

  • Eligibility? 
  • When do you apply? 
  • Which term should you apply for? This is a bit tricky...
    • Your Acclerated Bachelors to Masters application also serves as your application for the M.S. program itself. So this should be the first term AFTER your expected undergraduate graduation term. (It is NOT the term you wish to take graduate level courses in your senior undergraduate year.)
    • For example, Jane is planning on completing her B.S. requirements and graduating in May 2025.
      She would like to take graduate courses double counting for her BS and MS programs during her senior year (Fall 2024 and Spring 2025).
      So, around mid-March 2024 (~14 months before her anticipated BS graduation), Jane would apply for the Accelerated Bachelors to Masters program.
      And this application would be for the Fall 2025 term, which would be her first term as a "full" MS student.

BS-to-MS transition information

  • Graduate coursework taken as an undergraduate student can be "accelerated" provided: (1) you applied for and were accepted into the Accelerated Bachelors to Master program, (2) you earn a B (3.0) or higher  in the graduate course, and (3) you complete the B.S. program with a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher.
  • In your final undergraduate semester, you will NOT pre-register for your first full MS semester. Doing so will prevent your BS completion because the Registrar thinks you want to "continue" (your current undergraduate program). Instead, you must NOT pre-register during that last undergraduate term and wait for your BS to be awarded and then "enter" as a seemingly "new" graduate MS student. And then you can register.