Admission Info


Required Entrance Exam: 
GRE (score must be no more than 5 years old)
Waiver of GRE requirement is possible. Accelerated admission students receive an automatic wavier. A waiver request form is here and decision criteria statement is "A 3.2 average in computer science undergraduate courses involving programming and software engineering, architecture and systems, algorithms and theory, and written communication skills (as demonstrated by a B or better in a communication course).". 

Supplemental Information: 
Resume (Required upload for application submission)
Required number of references to specify in the online form: 3 

Basic Conditions for Consideration of Admission: 
Meeting or exceeding the conditions below does NOT guarantee admission. All applications for a given entry term will be weighed based upon the number of seats available and the quality of the complete application packages. With special permission from the Graduate School, a program may admit a limited number of students with exceptional circumstances who do not meet the graduate school minimums.

Graduate School:
3.0 GPA in the last earned degree and official scores from the appropriate admission test(s), OR 2.5 GPA in the last earned degree and official scores at the 25th percentile level from the appropriate admission test(s).

Admission to Computer Science:
Both qualitative and quantitative aspects of applications are reviewed in comparison to the current applicant pool.

International Students:
Special information for international applicants is here.

Additional Notes:
Students who do not have an undergraduate degree in computer science may need to take some prerequisite coursework. Consultation with program director is recommended.

More Resources:
The Graduate School's website has a page with forms and detailed descriptions of their requirements and procedures.